Open Picking Bag

  • Constructed from heavy duty canvas.
  • Reinforced with vinyl & PVC at all high Stress and wear points.
  • In the closed position the lower chute is located with unique design nylon parrot clips.
  • The shoulder strap is padded for working comfort.

Closed Picking Bag

  • Available in either heavy duty canvas or PVC
  • Similar in construction design and capacity to the open picking bag.
  • Does not have an opening chute.



Open Picking Baskets

  • Specially designed for bruise-free fruit picking.
  • Constructed of heavy duty canvas and vinyl, padded for added protection.
  • The covering is manufactured in two parts, so that replacements can be bought separately.
  • The frame is 6mm mild steel round bar.
  • The carrying straps are detachable and heavily padded for working comfort.